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PMD Packaging Systems' Imported Range

Mass measuring system with four individual gravity fed electronic scales mounted in a compact radial format.

The system incorporates a main feed hopper with lump breaker and coarse sieve, a robust stirrer module plus a level control to avoid hopper overloading.

Each electronic scale makes a 100% weighment, this is not a combination scale where each scale makes a part weighment for computer-controlled combination with other part weighments.

Scale Performance:

Suitable for 250g at 50 /min

500g at 50/min

1kg at 50/min

2kg at 40/min

Scale Resolution:

The HMI shows a resolution of 1g


Extensive tests in weighments of up to and including 1kg, show a maximum deviation, of 10g from the set point.


Average accuracy of weighments up to and including 1kg measured over 50 dumps < 5g or 0.5%


The control system includes a re taring facility after each discharge for each of the four scales.

Wear and material build up:

The system is designed for dry free flowing crystallized sugar which will easily flow under gravity, thus the opportunity for material buildup is minimized. In addition, the system design is completely enclosed with independent dust extraction and there are no vibrating parts, so maintenance requirement is minimal.

Set of 4 independent scales in compact carousel format.

Central Gravity infeed with robust VSD controlled agitator to avoid clumping.

2 stage gravity feed into weigh hopper with positive cut off.

Easy drain/clean out.

Penko Electronic Controller 4 channel with Auto inflight correction.

Powder coated frame with Stainless Steel contact parts.

Completely enclosed with dust protection hood and aspiration spigot including free standing dust extraction unit.

Shrinkwrap Systems

The PMD shrinkwrap system comprises of a collator, sleeve wrapper, and shrink tunnel together with appropriate conveying facilities. The standard PLC controlled system can be configured to group incoming products into various collations and also provide layer stacking where required. The finished group of products is then wrapped with a heat shrinkable PE film and then allowed to pass through a shrink tunnel to provide a tight finished bale ready to withstand the rigors of the delivery chain.