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Teepack produces high-grade packaging machines for double chamber tea bags as well as vertical, form, fill & seal machines since 1948.

Teepack – Zenobia Air Free System

Technology at the highest level
The patented Air Free System of the ZENOBIA is integrated below the cross jaws and is a true multi-tasker. In just one single process step, the bag is sealed, the product is condensed, if required, and air is dispersed from the bag – all that without any need for additional machinery or wasted packaging material.

The benefits AIR FREE System

Increased efficiency – high nominal capacity of up to 100 bags per minute
Environmentally friendly and economical manufacture – no packaging material waste
Up to 10 % of packaging material saved – minimised top flap by sealing the head seam directly above the product fill height
Minimal footprint – multi-tasking concept of the Air Free System
Increased bag stability – aligned bottom seam
Constant quality of air-reduced bags – process integrated fill height adjustment
Easy gassing option – bag closure on the machine

Density Control System
Here, changes in the density of the product are captured – which triggers an adjustment of the bag production. The fill height of the product is registered and stored by a pressure-sensitive device on the lifter. Should deviations occur repeatedly, then a step motor will correct the position of the folding plates.

Aligned Bottom Seam
The stability of the bag is ensured by the panning lifter of the Air Free System. It turns over a defined bottom seam while the material is still

Gentle Product Densification
The optimised activation of vibration impulses allows the product to be gently condensed in the Air Free System during production

Teepack Zenobia – Vertical form, fill, and seal machine

Vertical form, fill and seal machine ZENOBIA
ZENOBIA BASIC TEASERThe flexible and efficient form, fill and seal machine for the packaging industry
The ZENOBIA’s drive system is geared towards maximum capacity: With a production of up to 200 bags per minute, this machine sets a new benchmark for efficiency and guarantees the most economical use of your production equipment and materials with its superior flexibility. Its modular system design and comprehensive equipment kit provides excellent adaptability for any requirement. The ZENOBIA can be used in virtually all areas of bag packaging, making it the perfect choice for your business.

The benefits ZENOBIA

  • User-friendly – easily accessible machine room, easy data input, automated processes
  • Low maintenance – sturdy construction, high quality, corrosion-free components
  • Continuously high performance – water-cooled servo motors, air-conditioned electric cabinet
  • Process safety – maximised automation, precise quick-change systems
  • Low maintenance costs – wear-free structure, contact-free longitudinal seal
  • Gentle film processing – non-slip guide
  • Flexibility – quick format changes
  • High bag quality – tight, precisely sealed seams, robust, reproducible manufacture
  • Gentle packaging process – dampened product impact
  • Maximised bag variety – modular equipment system
  • Minimised machine down time – online diagnostics performed by service department

Active Film Unwinding
Continuous and slip-free film guidance is ensured by the active film unwinding with controlled drive and dancer system.

Film Tracking Control
The film carrier unit and the film tracking control allow for non-stop and exact film guidance. The position of the film can therefore be corrected automatically while processing.

TEEPACK Software
Automatic calculation of the optimised parameters for each format after initial base data input. Quick format change and minimal set up time due to automatic data retention. Clear and concise user interface, customer-friendly programming, touchscreen and industrial PC.

Machine-integrated Electric Cabinet
Process-secure and reproducible machine operations are supported by electronically controlled servo drives. The machine-integrated electric cabinet is air-conditioned, and the servo drives of the main drives are additionally water-cooled to ensure continued high performan

Nominal output
Pillow Bag 200 bags/min.
Gusset Bag 130 bags/min.
Block Bottom Bag 100 bags/min.
Air-Free Bag 100 bags/min.
Connection data
Mains connection 230/400V, 50 Hz, 3Ph, N/PE
Air pressure min. 6 bar
Protection class IP54
Machine colour V2A stainless steel
Foil specifications
Foil width max. 650 mm
Foil roll diameter max. 550 mm
Inner roll core diameter 76 mm
Pillow Bag specifications
Pillow Bag width 60-280 mm
Pillow Bag draw-off length 100-600 mm
Gusset Bag specifications
Gusset Bag width 60-200 mm
Gusset Bag depth 40-100 mm
Gusset Bag draw-off length 100-450 mm
Air Free Bag specifications
Air-Free Bag width 60-200 mm
Air-Free Bag depth 40-100 mm
Air-Free Bag fill level 60-250 mm
Air-Free Bag flap length 40-100 mm
Air-Free Bag draw-off length 100-400 mm
Block Bottom Bag specifications
Block Bottom Bag width 60-200 mm
Block Bottom Bag depth 40-100 mm
Block Bottom Bag fill level 60-250 mm
Block Bottom Bag flap length 40-100 mm
Block Bottom Bag draw-off length 100-400 mm
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Material and Technical Data Overview

Spec Sheet

Ultrasonic 4 edge scaling system

Teepack FM260

Folding and tagging machine FM260
Maximised capacity with minimal space requirements
Extreme economy is the distinguishing mark of the ZENOBIA with integrated Air Free System and the folding and tagging machine FM260. Continuous work processes and automated folding steps interlink seamlessly.

The Air Free System produces air-reduced bags with condensed content – the bag fin no longer needs to be cut off.

The benefits FM260

  • Increased efficiency – up to 100 block bags per minute with one single form tube
  • Reduced operating costs – minimum space requirements
  • Up to 10 % packaging material saving – process- integrated Air Free System
  • Low maintenance costs – good visibility, accessibility and wear-free drive system
  • High versatility – automated format change
  • High machine availability – minimised format change times
  • Excellent process security and reproducibility – automated, continuous manufacturing process
  • High bag quality – the dimensional stability of the film is overcome gently in just a few process steps

Bag Transfer
The air-reduced bag is transferred via the Air Free System to the conveyor of the FM2

Automated Format Change
Format changes occur without the need to exchange mechanical parts. All movements are carried out via servo motors and spindles. All settings can be stored as recipes and called up as needed for format change

Automated Height Adjustment
Deviations in bag heights can be compensated with an automated height adjustment of the folding units. Measurement data of the density control system is transmitted to the FM260 by way of an electronic coupling


Teepack Compacta

The best possible tea packaging at an attractive price-performance ratio

COMPACTA – its name is its credo. This starter model is designed to focus on the basics. High quality tea packaging with surprisingly low investment costs and efficient function – that was our basic idea behind the design of the COMPACTA. Manual product removal, the processing of cost-effective and small tag formats, and a completely new design for the integrated heat sealing unit make the COMPACTA the perfect choice for your success: Comprehensive service, innovative technology and superior quality.

Benefits of COMPACTA

Always affordable, wit impressive results in terms of quality

  • Low acquisition price
  • Quick changeover from HS to naked bags and vice versa
  • Easy handling
  • Option for use of low-cost HS films
  • Quick introductory training for operators
  • Rely on our innovative technology for premium quality products
  • One central motor for all drives

Optionally with knot or staple, with later retrofit option

  • Low energy consumption
  • Basic version does not require compressed air
  • Low maintenance
  • Basic machine can be upgraded:
  • MDE
  • Advanced monitoring functions
  • Faulty bag ejection
  • HS unit
  • Fumigation (HS version)
  • Technical data
Production speed up to 250 bags/minute
Length x Width approx. 2120 x 1445 mm *
approx. 2610 x 1445 mm **
Height with hopper approx. 2360 mm
Height without hopper approx. 2030 mm
Net weight approx. 2400 kg *
approx. 2450 kg **
Electric power connection 4.0 kW
Consumption up to 2.6 kWh
Operating pressure 6 bar
Consumption up to 50 NL/minute *
up to 100 NL/minute **
Compressed air connection 1/2“
* with hand removal system
** with automatic box filling system

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Teepack Perfecta

Enjoyment meets efficiency
PERFECTA Tag is the perfect system to produce double-chamber tea bags of a natural non-heatseal filter paper with string and cardboard tag. With the PERFECTA HS, the bags can then be inserted into an aroma protection envelope foil, or with the PERFECTA Universal on one single machine into either paper or heat sealing foil. All variations come with alternatively replaceable stapling or knotting stations. The economical PERFECTA Envelope cuts the tag directly from the paper envelope.

The benefits PERFECTA
Increase your efficiency while reducing costs

  • Lower production costs
  • German premium quality and perfection
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Superior safety standards
  • High production efficiency
  • Time saving during changeover of packaging materials

Rely on our innovative technology for premium quality products

  • Shorter maintenance times
  • Less staff requirements
  • Replaceable parts
  • Optimised precision
  • Quick format changes
  • Low spare parts consumption
Production speed up to 420 bags/minute
Length x Width approx. 2780 x 1700 mm
Height with hopper approx. 2460 mm
Height without hopper approx. 2270 mm
Net weight approx. 2500 kg
Electric power connection 4.0 kW / 6.0 kW*
Consumption up to 3.6 kWh
Operating pressure 6 bar
Consumption up to 200 NL/minute
up to 600 NL/minute**
Compressed air connection 1/2“
*electrical power connection for knotting machine.
**compressed air pressure consumption for knotting machine.

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Perfecta Technical Brochure