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PMD Packaging Systems' Imported Range

In a world where time is money and an efficient logistics chain generates money, the SYMACH baggers and palletizers can make the difference. With custom-built solutions, SYMACH takes into account the needs of its customers. Our baggers and palletizers operate in various industries, from agricultural to industrial, food and chemical industries.

The strength of SYMACH lies in the years of experience. The knowledge and expertise this brings can be found at every stage of each bagger and palletizer, design, construction, installation, and maintenance.

SYMACH is based in the Netherlands and the company is internationally active in all directions, expanding steadily. The daily focus on quality, flexibility and a high level of service, clearly make the difference.

Symach Palletizers

The philosophy of SYMACH is that any palletizer model should perform the same and should be capable of producing the same level of stacking quality; whatever the speed of the model. Flexibility of the system is considered one of the basic requirements. The palletizing rates can vary from 13 to a maximum of 36 bags per minute, depending on the model of machine.

Custom build

Flexibility characterizes all models of SYMACH Palletizers. Although each model is built up from a standard chassis, SYMACH engineers have the knowledge and expertise in house, to take account of individual customization. According to the needs of our customers, the machines can be adapted to palletize varying products for example: petfood, onions, carrots, potatoes, grass seeds, cartons and bakery products.

Symach Bag Filling Machines

SYMACH introduces the FILLstar, a versatile BAG FILLING machine from the STAR SERIES product line.

The Star Series Automatic Bag Filling machines are designed for bagging all types of free-flowing materials using laminated poly-woven, polyethylene and paper open-mouth bags.

The function of the machine is to select empty bags from a bag magazine, open the bags and automatically place them onto the filling spout for filling from an overhead scale or filling device.

Bags are presented under the spout by mechanical clamps, that consistently maintain the form of the flat bag (including the gusset) until the bag is transported through the closing station.

The unique design of the universal filling spout guarantees the maximum opening of the spout for a large bag size range, for maximum product throughput.

Designed in FDA approved High Density Poly Ethylene, to offer excellent sliding properties along with high impact strength and good wear resistance due to its low coefficient of friction.

The modular design of the machine allows the integration of various closing stations in the main frame.

Symach Wrapping Machines

Pallet wrapping machines in turntable or overhead rotating arm execution, for stretch film or net are SYMACH manufactured machines.

Symach Pallet Label Applicator

Automatic pallet labelling without using adhesives

In a supply chain, a correct pallet label is indispensable. The relevant information must be applied to the pallet in a clearly legible, including a machine-readable, form. Much has been written about the information and standards for a pallet label, but it is equally important that the pallet label is printed and applied reliably and cost-effectively.

When one hears the word pallet label one quickly thinks of a self-adhesive label. Yet in many cases working with adhesives are not the best solution or can even be impossible because of the product or because of the circumstances.

SYMACH offers as a solution a pallet wrapper with integrated printer and pallet label applicator without the use of adhesives.

SYMACH pallet wrapper with integrated printer and pallet label applicator

The SYMACH pallet wrapping machine with rotating arm can now be extended with a new model single or double pallet label printer and applicator. This solution has been developed to be integrated with the wrapper to process the pallet data, print the label, and for an automated arm to take the label from the printer to apply it to the pallet. With a double label applicator, it is even possible to apply labels on 4 sides of the pallet without time loss, allowing for the wrapping of 40 pallets per hour, all fitted with 4 labels.

Symach Protection Corner/Strapping

The SYMACH corner setting and strapping machine places protective corners on a stacked pallet, either fully automatically or semi-automatically. This machine automatically straps the finished pallets with the number of straps as programmed. The machine can be used as stand-alone or can be integrated into a pallet conveyor line. A corner setting machine is also known as a corner board applicator, corner applicator or edge applicator.

The strapping machine is also available without the corner setting functionality.

Symach Pallet Rotator

If the load on a pallet needs to be placed on another pallet, the SYMACH pallet rotator is the solution. This machine rotates the full pallet 180 degrees, so the pallet lays on top of the load and can be taken out.

The pallet rotator is available in various types, where the customer’s specifications will lead to the final design. The machine can be equipped with an automatic system to take out and restack the original pallet.

Symach Bag Conveyor Systems

After the bags have been filled, they are usually transported into the palletizer on belt conveyors. Obviously, a uniform supply of the bags directly affects the stacking result. SYMACH has the expertise to set up efficient supply lines, with all necessary features such as: Vertical transportation of the bags, bag flatteners, bag leakage detection and automatic bag ejection systems.

Fully automated pallet handling

For the transportation of pallets, roller conveyors are used. The palletizer is available with a fully automatic pallet dispenser, for various pallet sizes. Depending on the situation and the customer’s needs, the line can be built with one or more pallet buffer positions

Symach Options

Each basic model of the SYMACH palletizer range can be equipped with different options to dedicate the machine for a specific job, or with a combination of options that make the machine multifunctional and versatile. 

  • Formation doorsEach layer of bags or cartons can be formed on heavy duty, coated formation doors, which withdraw to place the bags gently onto the pallet below, which is presented hydraulically to the level at which it receives the next layer. This manoeuvre also includes gentle tamping down of the top layer. Consequently, each layer is flattened and the load on the pallet is compact and stable. The formation doors also provide a buffer zone for 1 or 2 layers, to enable a continuous stacking process while the full pallet is discharged and the new pallet is presented.
  • Electrically operated squeeze collarThis option is used to press each layer of bags/boxes sideways at all 4 sides in order to form a tight, straight layer to keep the product within the pallet dimensions.
  • Stacking cageThis cage encloses the stacked product on the pallet on 4 sides during the entire palletising process.This option makes it possible to stack very slippery bags, and prevents the overlapped bags from sliding off, so there will be no overhang of product. The use of the stacking cage improves the stacking result significantly.Cage dimensions are variable according to the pallet sizes as programmed in the stacking pattern.
  • SlipsheetsSlipsheets can be placed automatically on the empty pallet, in-between the different layers of bags. Plastic and paper sheets, from a roll or precut sheets can be placed according to the customer’s needs.