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PMD Packaging Systems' Imported Range

Our approach

Working with a broad range of manufacturers, including those in the infant nutrition, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, we proudly deliver top quality, flexible manufacturing system solutions for powder handling.

In fact, the experiences we gain in one field help us to improve the services we can offer to other market sectors – eliminating waste and improving product quality to gain a competitive edge, whatever the industry.

Industry leading IBC Technology

The Matcon system is based on using IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) to transport powders between the manufacturing steps and to blend powders in.

System modules

Through intelligent decoupling of manufacturing processes, we help manufacturers create flexible, agile production facilities.  With each processing step created as a module, it is easy to build and grow with the success of your business by adding on new modules as needed

Benefits of Matcon formulation systems

Prevent a slowing down of production flow.

Recipes can be formulated directly into IBCs, which is done off-line and added into the flow of batch processing as required.  Traceability is possible with check weighing capabilities and material tracking

Sack Tip (Single Filling Module)

The convenient & neat way to tip powders into single IBCs

An elegant, dust-tight way to fill IBCs quickly and efficiently from sacks.

Fully contained transfer of material into the IBC reduces the occurrence of spilt or wasted material.

Bring into the batch processing flow when ready.Hygienic, easy to clean design for fast changeovers.

Flexibatch (Multiple Filling Module)

Automated recipe batching using multiple IBCs

An accurate and cost-effective, flexible recipe batch processing system for larger throughput requirements.

Ideal for reducing the time spent in weighing and for minimising the risk of human error in formulation.

The Flexi-Batch formulation system comprises a number of ‘ingredient’ containers located on a framework, with ‘batch’ containers travelling below collecting the ingredients according to programmed batch recipes.

Flexibatch Micro (Micro Filling Module)

Off-line recipe batching of micro & minor ingredients.

An efficient way to dose micro & minor ingredients quickly and accurately.

Reduce costs by decreasing the number of operator weighments required for each recipe batch.

Remove bottlenecks in the batch processing operation.

Lessen the risk of human error in weighing by using automation.

Benefits of Matcon Blending Systems

Mix any recipe any time with a Matcon IBC Industrial Mixer.

Container mixing has long been established as an efficient way of blending powders and granules.

Faster loading & unloading of the IBC Blender, along with no cleaning down-time, eliminates the wasted time associated with traditional static mixers.

IBC Blender

Eliminate onerous clean-down requirements by blending in the IBC.

Allows rapid batch changeovers as the ingredients are fully contained within the IBC – no need to clean down.

The fully contained system protects against any cross-contamination risks.

High OEE rates are possible as IBCs are prepared & discharged separately from the blending process.

The small footprint helps keep clean room costs to a minimum.


The Intensifier introduces High Shear to the IBC Blending process and expands its blending capabilities.

More cohesive powders can be blended & single stage bakery mixing is now possible.

Ideal where the addition of liquid is included in the recipe.

NIR – Near-Infared Spectroscopy

Using Near Infra-Red spectroscopy to identify when a mix is homogenous.

Precise monitoring in real time.

Spectra collected on each rotation enabling blend time optimisation.

Reduces blend times and prevents overmixing.

Removes the need for invasive sampling.

Benefits of Matcon Packing Systems

Automated, controlled flow with complete discharge from original Cone Valve IBCs.

The unique Cone Valve technology within the Matcon IBCs prevents mix segregation, which is vital when feeding to powder packing machine and third-party equipment.

Packing Line Refill

Optimise packing line throughput with reliable product feeds.

Discharge the IBC straight into FMCG packing systems without any secondary refill devices.

Automatic and controlled refill, producing a consistent feed, allowing packing lines to maximise their throughput.

Cone Valve technology protects against product segregation during discharge to ensure a quality product every time.

Powder Packer Module

High accuracy bag filling directly from Cone Valve IBCs.

Change recipes faster than ever with high accuracy, direct dosing from Matcon IBCs.

Fill into sacks/bags without the need for screw feeders.  Ideal for small campaign runs.

Versatile enough to cover a wide range of powder characteristics from cohesive to free-flowing.

Full discharge & protection against segregation due to mass-flow.

Simple to use powder packing machine

Benefits of Matcon Cleaning Systems

Reduce downtime by cleaning IBCs off-line with a safe, repeatable wash sequence.

Machinery cleaning systems from manual to fully automatic, air-wash to wet-wash are available.

Wash Lance

The simplest way to clean IBCs.

The wash lance offers the simplest of cleaning mechanisms.

A simple lance arrangement is mounted on to an IBC lid for manual fitting.

A high-pressure jet of water is sprayed on all internal surfaces of the IBC to remove residue.

Wet Wash

Full wash cycle using water.

Complete inside wash and dry without removing the Cone Valve.

A high-pressure jet of water is sprayed on all internal surfaces of the IBC to remove any powder residue.

The drainage frame includes a cone lifter for automatic cleaning of the outlet with the Cone Valve in situ.

Effective machinery cleaning

Air Wash

Faster cleaning using only air.

Pressurised air is used to expel powder dust & residue.

Using only air removes the risk of waterborne bacterial growth.

Particularly valuable in sites handling dairy products or infant nutrition.

Residual powder waste is collected by a dust extraction unit.

Effective machinery cleaning.

Pharmaceutical Systems

Tablet IBCs

Handling tablets in larger batches reduces the labour associated with moving containers and making/breaking connections.  It leads to improved inventory control and traceability.

The Matcon Tablet IBCs are designed for the gentle handling of tablets (coated or non-coated) and capsules.

The integrated entry spiral lets tablets gently slide into the bin, minimising the drop height, acceleration and impact thereby reducing any risk of damage.

Automation is Possible

Discharging is done in conjunction with a Matcon IBC Tablet Discharge Station that has a gentle opening mechanism and specially designed outlet to prevent crushing of tablets.

Tablet Press Collection

Matcon Tablet IBCs are ideal for collecting tablets from the tablet press.

The integrated entry spiral lets tablets gently slide into the bin, minimising the drop height, acceleration and impact.

Gentle Handling

The gentle handling of the tablets ensures there is minimal risk of damage when collecting from the tablet press.

Tablet Coating

Tablet coating is a process step where the benefits of handling a full batch in a single IBC are significant.  Compared with traditional drums, considerable time can be saved during loading and unloading the coating system.

By elevating the IBC on a Pillar Lift, or feeding from the floor above, the full coating batch can be automatically loaded into a batch coater in a matter of minutes.

This replaces the time-consuming hand feeding required when using traditional drums and vastly improves the OEE rates of the coater.  The IBCs can be sized to match coating batches – one batch in one IBC.

Primary Packing

A full tablet or capsule batch is gently transferred with minimal operator intervention.  When compared to traditional drum or box handling, this save signifcant operator time.

The Matcon Tablet IBC can provide automatic refilling of the in-feed hopper on a blister packing line or a bottle filler line enabling the processing equipment to operate continuously and efficiently

Tablet Inspection

A full tablet or capsule batch can be gently transferred with minimal operator intervention, saving significant operator time compared to traditional drums.

Instead of manual feeding the Tablet Inspection equipment, a full coater batch can be automatically fed from a Tablet IBC.  By not splitting the batches it reduces the number of connections to make/break and container movements.

This reduces operator involvement and means it can be conducted as a closed process in line with GMP.