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PMD Packaging Systems' Imported Range

In 2003 BOSSAR presented the BMK range of machinery to the market, a modular concept approach to provide a higher level of flexibility and versatility, two key factors that are critical to the profitability of a pouch packing operation.

The BMK range allows each customer to select more easily the machine that best meets his needs, for dry or liquid products, for roll stock or pre-made pouches and even walking beam vs. GMB carrousel pouch transport systems.

In addition, the BMK range provides the ability to add spout insertion and zipper recloseable solutions. A multitude of combinations of the modules and accessories allows the buyer to select more easily for the project in hand as well as provide flexibility for future adaptation of the machine if required.

Bossar – Modular Technology

For the past 3 years, BOSSAR PACKAGING has been developing the greatest innovation to be released to the flexible packaging industry in the last 20 years: the creation of a fully aseptic form fill seal pouch machine with use of recloseable fitments.

The company decided to distinguish the technology under the ASEPTIS® brand name, to create a new range of machines which will eventually provide a true alternative to rigid or semi rigid packaging.

This new range of machines has been designed to follow and meet the international ISO hygiene standards as well as the EHEDG standards, an organization to which BOSSAR PACKAGING belongs. Our machines are validated by the internationally reputed CTCPA laboratory, located in France (“Centre Technique pour la Conservation des Produits Agricoles”) the Technical Centre for the Conservation of Agricultural Products.

BOSSAR PACKAGING offers a number of alternatives for sterilization of the pouch and the pouch filling chamber and can customize the machine to each customer application.

BOSSAR PACKAGING has developed a special sealing technology which is installed and integrated in its standard BMK design machine but these machines are commercialized under the BR Retort series of the BOSSAR machines.

The BR series is specifically designed and built to fill and seal premade retort pouch packages. This machine series is unique in its sealing method where the packaging film is made of polypropylene and the seal system maintains control of seal time, seal pressure and seal temperature, independent from the mechanical machine cycle.

By use of this innovative technology, BOSSAR PACKAGING can provide assurance to the customer that the pouch seals will withstand the pressure and temperature conditions inside the retort vessel.

BOSSAR PACKAGING recently developed a successful version of this technology to adapt to our form fill seal machines and, once again, BOSSAR is proud to be on the forefront in the market for pouch machine technology, this time in the retort market.

Spout, valve or fitment insertion

BOSSAR PACKAGING has truly pioneered the technology of spout insertion into pouches. Today BOSSAR can offer spout insertion in the corner, at the top, or in the frontal position, in multiple formats of Simplex, Duplex and Triplex, as well as the capability to either place after filling or “fill through” the fitment and apply a cap after filling.

Through the mutual compatibility of newer packaging materials as well as advanced mechanical sealing technology, BOSSAR has made giant leaps over the the last few years to improve the reliability of spout insertion and sealing technology.

Pouch transport system

The traditional method to transport the pouches has always been by means of a fixed gripper beam and a second walking gripper beam that ‘walk’ the pouches through the filling stations of the machine.

BOSSAR PACKAGING recognizes that this is the critical part of the machine and has made strides to improve the performance of this system in its new generation of machines. These improvements have been extended to the rest of our machinery range and the walking beam design today offers improved performance via higher precision control of the pouches and lower maintenance experience, eliminating the problems seen in other systems.

The BOSSAR walking beam can be easily removed and replaced with a pre-assembled change set for rapid pouch format changeovers.

Another transport mechanism unique to BOSSAR PACKAGING is found in the GMB® models. This transport system, which is a BOSSAR patented design, consists of grippers mounted on an intermittent motion chain or linear carrousel system.

The mounting mechanism for the grippers is designed to withstand up to 5kg of weight and the design allows the pouch to remain in the same set of grippers throughout the process of pouch opening, pouch filling and pouch sealing before releasing the pouch to the packing area.

These professionals combine their experience of our 1.500 machines already installed worldwide with the core vision to continuously improve our products through creative innovation.

The combination of the use of 3D design technology, accessibility to new improved materials, important customer feedback and collaboration with our suppliers all contribute to help meet our common goal: to develop products of quality and distinction that can be adapted to the needs of each customer.

At BOSSAR PACKAGING, S.A. we invest in I+D to anticipate the future needs of our customers, and we always ensure that our technological developments are aligned with our Mechanical and Electronic principles.

BOSSAR is always working with pioneer mechanical and electronic systems, for this reason the trend in our Engineering Designs is to replace mechanical groups with servo-controlled technology, which provide high precision synchronisms and will be in accordance with the high productivity solutions we provide to our customers.

We apply the most recent and powerful automated systems based on Motion Control integrated designs. This is where technologies anchored in controllers and decentralized periphery through field buses coexist, simple but powerful interphases of man-machine communication (Touch Screen), together with the latest generation of servo drives enable high dynamics and efficiency and also combine IT systems in the same display.

These allow our machines to improve machine cycle times, providing more efficiency, high production and process stability, with a great extent of flexibility to adapt our machines to the market and to our customers’ needs.

We work with worldwide core brands for automation in their different sectors, like Siemens, Rockwell, Allen-Bradley and Omron. They all offer worldwide technical support in order to quickly and efficiently satisfy the after sales services or spare part requirements of our customers.

We offer products and services for the long distance analysis / diagnosis of our machines (Teleservice) through the Internet (Ethernet) or through conventional analogical lines (Modem). These allow us to remotely control the machine without the need that a technician visits our customer, to diagnose possible breakdowns, to visualize online parameters and to modify the internal programs to optimize the working cycles.